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Mobile Fruit Juice Blender

Mobile Fruit Juice Blender

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Fresh Fruit Juice anywhere - anytime at the touch of a button!

Delicious presentation of your favorite combination of ingredients such as but not limited to ice cubes, dark chocolate, milk and fruit in just a few easy steps.  This product has a stunning humanized design whereby it integrates style and safety and is well deserving of companionship.

Product Feature/s and Information:

Humanized Design - The fuselage cannot be started when it is separated

No need to unscrew the body when drinking just unscrew the cap and drink

Hassle-free cleaning - Adopt strict waterproof structure design, can directly wash the whole machine.

it is Lightweight and easy to carry - Net weight/490g    Capacity/380ml

Double-lobed blade three-dimensional crushing, so that the pulp can be quickly crushed without losing dietary fiber, and the taste is delicate and smooth. 

Power: 180W

Function: Juicing

Capacity: 400mL and below

Speed: 15001 rpm (inclusive) - 18000 rpm (inclusive)

Body material: ABS

Juicer maximum speed: 18001 rpm (inclusive) - 20000 rpm (inclusive)

Juicer Additional Features: Juicing

Pulp dregs box capacity: below 500ml (including 500ml)

Item model number: 214

Product name: Youguo Juice Cup

Rated input: DC5V/1A

Battery capacity: 1400mAh

Water tank capacity: 350ML (standard error on the details page, the actual subject to 350ML)

USB magnetic assisted charging, double blade cutting

Charging steps

Plug the magnetic charging socket into the USB standard plug of DC5V/1A specification, and place the product at the contact point to start charging. The white indicator light flashes when charging, and goes out when fully charged. During the charging process, the product cannot be started.

Beauty gift packaging - Juice cup X1 Charging stand X1 Manual X1

Should you require any further information regarding this product, please feel free and comfortable to contact us on and we will gladly assist you.


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