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Multifunctional Indoor, Outdoor and Vehicle Lifesaving Tool

Multifunctional Indoor, Outdoor and Vehicle Lifesaving Tool

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Perfect Gift For The Boys!

This is the ideal multipurpose & multifunctional tool to have with you for those expected and unexpected situations.  Perfect to keep in your camping equipment, grab bag and vehicle.

Product Features and Information:

This product has an Axe Head, flat-nose pliers, wire cutter, lock pliers, Hammer/peen, Knife, Phillip & flat-head screw driver, saw blade, harpoon, corkscrew, hexagonal wrench, slicker, steel file, scale-removing knife and is available in black or camouflage 

Material: 2cr13, aluminum alloy

Size: 17.5 * 9 * 3

Weight: 378g

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Should you require any additional information regarding this product, please feel free and comfortable to contact us at takeitshipit@gmail,com and we will gladly assist you.

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